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For shipments within the US, all books & videos are shipped United States Post Office, Priority Mail.

US shipping costs are $3.50 total for each order. Thus, if you order one book your cost of shipping is $3.50 and is added to the price of the book or video. On the other hand, if you order 10 books, your total shipping cost remains $3.50. Thus, add $3.50 for shipping plus the price of the 10 books to calculate your total cost.

International shipping costs are dependent on the destination. We ship "Global Priority Mail" to over 90 countries. Typically, the cost is $9.00 total for your order. After you place your book or video selections in your shopping cart, you will need to click on the "Checkout" button. You will then be transported to a secure web page where you enter your credit card information. No charges are made to your credit card until we notify you by email of your shipping costs and you confirm this cost with us by email. Thus, BE ACCURATE WHEN ENTERING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS

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